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New: Ultra-light MDS4 kits

We've made a new addition to the Modular Drop Spindle range particularly for lace/thread spinners. The new MDS4 kits have been designed with a 'take-no-prisoners' approach to weight reduction, with configurations weighing as little as 5g (but still robust enough to see off an angry toddler).

So if you're into spinning really fine yarns check it out

At Almost Alien, our goal is to apply as much innovation to spinning equipment as possible. This doesn't always mean decking out stuff with new technology. (Although it sometimes does!) What it really means is thinking about what each spinning tool is designed to achieve, then starting with a blank sheet of paper (okay, a blank CAD document, if we're being picky) and designing a tool which serves that purpose as well as possible. Sometimes, this results in exactly the tools that are already available. We leave those projects there - if there's nothing for us to add, we won't add anything. Other times, the tools we come up with are different and new. Sometimes subtly different, sometimes really very different. Sometimes the design involves clever bits of electronics, motors and sensors, and when it does we'll gleefully engineer them in. When it doesn't need the gadgets, it doesn't get them. Our view is that technology can be a great help, but when it's unneccessary, it's really just a hinderance.

If this sounds like something interesting to you, have a look around and see if anything we've built takes your fancy. If you like the ideas, but don't see exactly what you're after, why not submit something for the wish list.