Almost Alien Ltd


Life time warranty

All Almost Alien products are guaranteed for life.  That is to say, that barring accidental (or willful) damage, we will repair or replace any malfunction of major parts free of charge, whenever they occur.

What's included in that?

Just to be completely clear about the 'major parts' bit, we mean:

What's not included?

The parts that aren't included in this are:
The warranty also doesn't cover damage to any products caused by accidents, willful abuse, or mis-use of the product.  It's not an insurance policy after all!

Suggesting improvements

If there's any part of your Alien Spinner that you aren't entirely pleased with, please do get in touch and we'll see what we can do to sort it out for you.  We can't guarantee that we'll make changes for free - you might be unsatisfied because Alien Spinner won't clean your house for you - but we will do what we can to see that you are happy with your Alien Spinner.