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Modular Drop Spindles

Modular drop spindles allow you to change the weight, balance and hook size of your drop spindle at a moment's notice. You can choose from a range of whorl sizes, arrange your spindle as top or bottom whorl, and attach the kind of hook that's right for whatever you're spinning right now.

The innovative bobbins lock in place with high strength magnets, which are rated to 2.5kg ensuring that you can spin as much yarn as you like, easily ply singles and even change projects on a whim. The bobbins are completely water proof, allowing you to set the twist, then ply or knit directly from the bobbins without ever having to wind a skein or ball.

Product Updates:

We've just revised the entire product range and are in the process of updating the web-site. If you can't find what you're looking for and want to order something, or just want some more information, please email and let us know what you need.

In the mean time, thanks for your patience, we hope to have the web-site updated soon.


All Modular Drop Spindle Kits contain:

Modular Drop Spindle: Deluxe Kit (MDS6-Deluxe)

Our Modular Drop Spindle Deluxe Kits feature hand turned wooden whorls in a variety of locally sourced timber.

Unfortunately the Deluxe drop spindle kits are not available at the moment. If you're completely desperate for one, please contact us and we'll see if we can help!

Deluxe Modular Drop Spindle Kit


Modular Drop Spindle: Precision Kit (MDS6-Precision)

Our Modular Drop Spindle Precision Kits feature 3D printed whorls constructed using hard-wearing PLA plastic in a range of different colours and sizes.

Precision MDS6 Kit


Ultra-Light Modular Drop Spindle Kit (MDS4)

Designed for spinning fine yarns, the ultra-light MDS kits utilise modern materials to reduce weight while maintaining a strength and robustness not usually available on ~5g drop spindles. The light-weight materials also allow for wider whorls for a given mass, resulting in improved spin time.

Ultra-light MDS4 kit

Kit includes:

  • a 15cm 4mm diameter carbon fibre shaft (2g)
  • 5g, 4g and 3g whorls
  • 3 carbon fibre bobbins (1g each)
  • 3 hooks



Standard bobbin

These bobbins fit the standard size (6mm diameter) shafts.


4mm Ultra-light bobbin

These bobbins fit the ultra-light 4mm shafts.



Separate whorls will become available shortly in a range of sizes, weights and material. MDS6 whorls are designed for the standard 6mm shafts. MDS4 whorls will only fit the ultra-light MDS4 shafts


Separate shafts are available in a range of sizes, and materials.

MDS6 shafts have a 6mm diameter and are constructed from aluminium with a 3D printed hub housing the magnets.

MDS4 shafts are the new ultra-light range. All MDS4 shafts have a 4mm diameter and are constructed from carbon-fibre with a minimal 3D printed magnet housing