Almost Alien

The Wish List

The wish list is a look ahead at the things that are in the pipeline at Almost Alien. If there's anything that you can think of which would make spinning easier, or more fun for you, please let us know. If enough people want the same kind of thing, we'll put it on the wish list and make sure it gets done.

Battery Supply

A battery pack for Alien Spinner for when you're out and about. The battery pack will contain enough charge to run for a good while. It will also contain all the charge control circuitry required, so all you need to do is plug in the standard Alien Spinner power supply to top up the battery.

Coming very soon!

Lazy Kate

A tensioned lazy kate designed for the Alien Spinner bobbins. The lazy kates are designed in a modular manner, so that you can have as many or as few bobbin units as you need.

In development

Skein Winder

A motorised skein winder allowing you to easily and quickly form skeins of yarn. You can crank the winder manually too, just in case there's no power available while you're winding.

While it's powered it will also automatically measure the length of wound yarn, in either metres or yards, feet and inches as you prefer.


Ball Winder

A motorised ball winder: making winding centre-pull balls quick and easy. Simply hook up the yarn and press 'go', the winder will do the rest. As with the skein winder, there's also a hand-crank just in case you don't have power available.